The two main objectives of Highland Bike Academy are:

  • To motivate young people to get on their bikes
  • To equip them with the skills and knowledge to stay safe and enjoy riding their bikes

This is most successful when enjoyed as part of a group and within a comfortable environment. That is why our Bikeability, Go MTB and Maintenance Classes are ideal for education settings of all types.


It’s the modern day form of cycling proficiency, a national scheme designed for delivery within the school setting. It comprises of 3 main levels aimed at supporting the next generation of confident and responsible cyclists.

We work closely with the Local Authority to deliver Bikeability to a very high standard using our cycling tuition experience and in-depth knowledge of cycling. Our Bikeability instructor is also a qualified and experienced bike mechanic so is able to deal with a range of mechanical problems that may occur during a training session.

Bikeability Levels 1 & 2 can be delivered in different formats including one-hour, half and full day training sessions at your school. We can also provide Bikeability training to individuals, families and other education settings.

The Highland Bike Academy delivered Bikeability training to the Primary 7 pupils in a fun and enjoyable manner.  The children benefitted greatly from this training and are now equipped and confident to safely ride their bikes on the road.  Many thanks to Gregor!

North Kessock Primary

Go MTBGo MTB Logo mtn

Go MTB is a progressive mountain bike achievement award that enables people to advance their technical riding skills as well as learning how to look after themselves, their bike, the environment, and other people. Some people think of it as the off-road version of Bikeability but it’s so much more!

Go MTB can be delivered through schools as part of your PE and Sport programme. Levels 1 and 2 can be completed within the school grounds but Level 3 and above require access to an off-road cycling environment.

Maintenance classes

Help young riders take responsibility for their own bikes by giving them the skills to keep their bikes in good working order and fix common issues. Parents benefit by saving money on bike shop repair bills and riders get the satisfaction of carrying out the work themselves and can spend more time out riding.

Our maintenance classes are designed to supplement Bikeability and Go MTB training but can be delivered on their own to P6 and 7. We can provide all tools and safety equipment and even some bikes to work on.

DR BIKEdrbike

Bring your bike along to see our qualified bike mechanic for a bike safety check. We can carry out basic bike adjustments and diagnose bigger mechanical problems that need a bit more time to fix. Provided to schools for free!


Want to discuss how we can help your pupils get on their bikes?

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