Go MTB Info

my go mtb logoGo MTB is for anyone who wants to develop their skills and experience in off-road riding, from those learning basic bike handling skills to riding long technical routes with advanced features. Tuition sessions are trail based and fairly relaxed. We believe mountain biking should be fun and know that riders progress better when encouraged to push their limit but never forced to.

There are 5 levels to complete, from beginner through to expert with certificates to celebrate achievement. Each level covers four themes to ensure riders are able to ride confidently, safely and with respect for the environment and others. Riders will be issued a log book to record and track their progress.

The themes are:

  • Riding Skills
  • Sharing the Outdoors
  • First Aid
  • Being Independent and Self-Supporting

Riders can join at any level provided they are fully confident at all previous level skills.

Level 1

This level covers core bike handling skills as well as a basic bike check.
Getting on and off the bike, pedalling, using brakes, riding safely in a group, bike checks.

Level 2

After mastering the core bike handling skills, riders move on to develop specific mountain bike handling skills for riding in an off road environment. 
Ride in the attack position, shifting body weight, efficient gear changes, looking after your bike, introduction to first aid and navigation.

Level 3

Start learning advanced mountain bike techniques to ride more technical terrain.
Manual and wheelie front wheel lifts, riding roots, track stand, bike maintenance, intermediate first aid and navigation.

Level 4

Build on Level 3 skills to continue to ride more technical terrain with confidence.
Drop offs, advanced cornering, riding rocks, rear wheel lifts, night riding, advanced bike maintenance, first aid and navigation.

Level 5

Expert level mountain bike specific skills.
Rolling bunny hop, lateral bunny hop, technical climbs, step up/over, expert level navigation.